Animation & Illustration

Animated shorts and motion graphics merge storytelling with conceptual art. 

FriendsShort 3D animation

Sunshine Short 3D animation

Archstone Legacy AnimationResponsible for illustrations and visual design. Campaign with Seven Mile Media.

What is biodiversity?Responsible for illustrations, visual design, and art direction. Campaign with Seven Mile Media and World Wildlife Fund. WE CREATED an animation for the World Wildlife Fund to explain the different kinds of life that make up biodiversity, its importance, and what’s causing its decline. This mix of animation and live-action footage tells the story of how different animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and genetic material coexist and depend on each other to build our communities, ecologies, and the natural world. All of which are needed to maintain balance and support life.

OUR GOAL was to create an explainer video that could accompany WWF Wild Classroom’s biodiversity educational toolkit, an engaging resource to be used by teachers across the United States. It also needed to be content-rich enough to stand on its own, granting access to those outside of an academic environment and reaching a larger audience.

The content is in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school grades six to eight. As an added challenge, it also needed to captivate the attention of both older and younger students.

OUR PROCESS included working with the Wild Classroom team on both script and design to find the balance needed to engage older and younger students, both in and outside the classroom. We were able to accomplish this by using a poppy animation style, bright colors, and energetic live-action footage. With this combination, we covered the impact and benefits of biodiversity on health across ecosystems, threats to biodiversity, and what students can do to protect it.
To connect the topic of biodiversity to the animation, each frame wipes, ripples, flows, and morphs into the next, reflecting the intricate web of food chains and energy flows.

The music and voice-over express an evolving tone throughout the video, being fun and light when exploring the beauty and importance of biodiversity while becoming more earnest when discussing its threats.

WE SCRIPTED AND DESIGNED the animation using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. We worked with technical animator Dave Leonard to give the designs fluid movement.

Wild Classroom Food Waste Animation World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Wild Classroom installed the second video in a series of educational videos for elementary and high school students.

In this video series, I was responsible for illustration and art direction for the first and second videos in the series. This project was done in collaboration with Seven Mile Media and animations were conducted by Dave Leonard.

A Call to Stop the Next Pandemic  With Seven Mile Media, we created an illustrative logo and 2D animation. This project is the visual accompaniment to World Wildlife Fund’s ongoing pandemic campaign examining how human behavior has contributed to a sharp rise in emerging infectious diseases over the past forty years. It also looks at how the increased risk of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 poses a threat to already marginalized people, including indigenous communities.

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Laine Short 3D animation

3D Illustrations & Motion Graphics