Digital UX

Here are some UX design projects, each tackling unique challenges. They're all about improving user experience, making interactions smoother, more accessible, and ultimately more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Lexus Scheduling Service

Lexus looked to improve their customer experience when it comes to their mobile dealership service scheduler.

I was tasked with redesigning the experience technically and visually from the moment a customer visits a dealer site to the post-booking mobile and email communications.

This includes creating a greater branding connection between the service site and Lexus, drafting a personalized tone of voice for communications, providing a more robust visual format, and streamlining the booking process while still maintaining a customizable platform with several service experience options not before available.
Enduring Earth Website Design

We were tasked with designing a website that details the goals of a new initiative, Enduring Earth, for potential investors and the media.

Enduring Earth is a collaboration of The Nature Conservancy, The Pew Charitable Trusts, World Wildlife Fund and ZOMALAB, the family office of Ben and Lucy Ana Walton. It is an initiative focused on using Project Finance for Permanence to accelerate conservation and community development around the world.

View project here.
China Pathfinder Website Design and Branding

With Seven Mile Media, we created a data-driven microsite for The Atlantic Council Geoeconomics Center’s China Pathfinder initiative. The site features more than 30 custom data visualizations including a flagship dashboard visualization as well as visual deep dives into six financial indicators.

In addition to creating the interactive, we were also tasked with creating the visual identity of the new initiative. This included the logo design, color palette, and additional branding features such as the data visualization guidelines and overall brand identity.

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